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Kyle Schwenning

"I have worked alongside Kyle for over three years now and have seen his ability to capture beautiful wedding moments in sometimes stressful situations. He is calm, collected and always delivers the best and most important footage to his clients."

Tyler Faires

Director & Cinematographer 

"I'm always excited when I hire Kyle as a videographer. He has a great eye for creative shots, is very professional, and also fun to work with."

Chris Vanderschaaf


When I was 16 years old (with permission from my parents) I took over ownership of the family video camera. Wherever I went, the camera came with. Growing up, my friends and I idolized extreme sports videos and the behind-the-scenes camaraderie that went along with it. Having spent the majority of my life centered in what is considered to be a mecca for outdoor activities, I quickly began making videos of my friends skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, and just being goofy. 

In my early 20's, I landed a job with KRCR News Channel 7. There I learned to hone my editing and shooting skills. Achieving well composed shots on the fly was a necessity and nothing says, "deadline" like shooting with an anchor all day then composing a well told story for the 6 o'clock news. From there I was offered a job working with a very well-established cinematographer, Tyler Faires at Faires Wheel Films. He ushered me into a whole new world of cinematography and creative wedding videography. Since then, I have worked on copious amounts of weddings and also commercials and documentaries. I believe the unique skills that I have acquired over the years has set me above other videographers. I am confident I can produce a well-polished, creative piece for you to enjoy again and again. 

"Working side by side with Kyle is a delight. His positive attitude is very contagious and is just the antidote when faced with stressful wedding day dilemmas."

Taylor McCutchan


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